About Naishes Wood SANG

Naishes Wood SANG is an area of approximately 180 acres of former MOD land which has been developed into a beautiful natural space for visitors to enjoy. With footpaths, trails and bridleways, it is the perfect spot for a walk and to enjoy the abundance of natural flora and fauna.

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  • The boardwalk across the marsh area is currently closed for structural repairs, so please use an alternative route.


Visitor Information

If you’re thinking of visiting Naishes Wood SANG, you can find lots of information on our Visitor Information page, including a map showing the routes and areas that are accessible to the public as well as useful things such as parking and accessibility information.

Monarch butterfly on wild flowers

Flora & Fauna

Naishes Wood SANG supports a wide range of habitats and associated species, including broad-leaved woodland, marshland, grassland, ponds, and hedgerows together with individual mature tree specimens.

View of pillbox

History of Naishes Wood SANG

Following the development of the former Queen Elizabeth Barracks into a much-needed housing development, the SANG estate retains many interesting features which give an insight into the military history of the area.

News, Photos & Feedback

Latest News

Find out all about what’s been going on at Naishes Wood SANG with our news updates from the site warden. The warden’s blog includes news of any current maintenance work and updates on the flora and fauna you may see on your visit. If there’s anything else you’d like to see in our latest news section, please get in touch.

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Send us your pictures

We would like to show how visitors use Naishes Wood SANG so if you are enjoying a family day out or walking the dog, we’d love to show your pictures on this site.

Please take a look at our gallery to see all of the pictures of the area, we will continue to add to these with your pictures as we receive them.

You can send your pictures to us via this email link.

Reporting problems

Our full time Estate Warden and his team are tasked with protecting the wildlife at Naishes Wood SANG and ensuring the public use the site responsibility and with consideration to all users.

Should you spot any problems or have feedback whilst using the estate, please let us know.

The Estate Warden can be contacted on 07989 478246, or via the contact form.